Self Assessment


If completing your tax return is a time consuming inconvenience that you want to avoid, our friendly team is glad to offer you an affordable, comprehensive, and effortless Self Assessment service.

We will calculate your tax liabilities, complete the forms and submit your completed Self-Assessment Tax Return to HMRC.

Regardless of complexity, we charge a fixed fee of £125 + VAT (self-assessment is included in some of our accounting packages).

If within the last tax year you have been receiving income from any of the below then you should register with HMRC for self-assessment

  • you were self-employed
  • receive renting income
  • saving or investment income
  • gains from selling second home, profits from shares, or other chargeable assets
  • you were a company director, unless you did not get any pay or benefits
  • you had and overseas income that you need to pay tax on, or lived abroad and had a UK income

If you have never completed a self-assessment, first you would need to register. Simply need to contact HMRC and provide them with:

  • Your National Insurance Number
  • Your personal details and those of your business

The deadline for registration for 2016 is the 5th October 2015. Paper returns must be submitted by the 31st October 2016, and the deadline for online submissions is the 31st January 2017, so as the deadline for payment of the tax you owe.
Once you registered HMRC will provide you with UTR (Unique Taxpayer Reference Number)
Basically the purpose of providing HMRC with information about your income on your Self-Assessment form so they can calculate what, if any, tax you owe.

Do you know that in 2015, 2044 people spent Christmas Day submitting tax return, and 600 people filed between midnight and 10 am on January 1. Usually about 3 million people leave the filing for the last week of January.

Should you prefer to prepare and submit your self assessment tax return, please get in touch and we will provide you with detailed step by step guidance regarding all information that has to be considered.

Should you have more important endeavours to do, simply get in touch with us. We will discussed the information required, and will prepare and submit your self-assessment.
Greenway Accountancy is a register HMRC agent, and dealing with Self-Assessment Tax Return is one of our routine tasks that we complete on a daily basis.