How it Works

How it Works – Our services explained in three easy steps

Accounting made easy


   Step 1 – Choose the right service for you

You can browse through our service online and fill the “Get in touch form”, or call our friendly and professional team who are happy to answer all your questions


   Step 2 – Provide us with all necessary paperwork

In most cases all we need from you is your invoices and financial statements


   Step 3 – Enjoy your business and private life without the accounting hassle

Simply send soft or hard copies of all your paper work and we will set up your account for free.

You can send receipts and statements via email, Dropbox, Google Docs, or post.

Should you decide to keep and update your own records using bookkeeping or accounting software we can crunch and complete your accounts online with Sage, ClearBooks, KashFlow and Xero.

We know how competitive and demanding today’s business world is, so we are proud to offer affordable fees to small businesses. This is a result of optimising our operational process so that now every business could benefit from professional bookkeeping, accounting, and tax services.

Our passion is to deliver accurate professional services and help you control your finances, so that you can fully concentrate on your work, and grow from a small business to a big business.

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